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Rhodium and Hafnium Influence on the Microstructure, Phase Composition, and Oxidation Resistance of Aluminide Coatings

Jan Sieniawski;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Dec 2017 Journal: Metals, volume 7, page 548 (eissn: 2075-4701, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: MDPI AG
A 0.5 μm thick layer of rhodium was deposited on the CMSX 4 superalloy by the electroplating method. The rhodium-coated superalloy was hafnized and aluminized or only aluminized using the Chemical vapour deposition method. A comparison was made of the microstructure, phase composition, and oxidation resistance of three aluminide coatings: nonmodified (a), rhodium-modified (b), and rhodium- and hafnium-modified (c). All three coatings consisted of two layers: the additive layer and the interdiffusion layer. Rhodium-doped (rhodium- and hafnium-doped) β-NiAl phase was found in the additive layer of the rhodium-modified (rhodium- and hafnium-modified) aluminide coat...
free text keywords: rhodium, hafnium, aluminide coating, CMSX 4 superalloy, oxidation, Mining engineering. Metallurgy, TN1-997
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27 references, page 1 of 2
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