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Karakterizacija i elektrokatalitička primena polipirola modifikovanog srebrom

Jovanovic, Vm; Terzic, S.; Aleksandar Dekanski;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Feb 2005
  • Publisher: Serbian Chemical Society
  • Country: Serbia
Silvermodified polypyrrole electrodes were prepared with the aim of testing them for the electro oxidation of formaldehyde in alkaline solution. The modification of polypyrrole by immersion in aqueous AgNO3 solution was studied by cyclic voltammeter and vacuum techniques (AES and XPS). The influence of time of immersion and the thickness of the polypyrrole film, prepared by electrochemical polymerization, on the modification of the polymer were examined. The results acquired from both electrochemical and spectroscopic examinations show that immersion of a polypyrrole electrode in a AgNO3 solution results in its modification with silver, which is deposited in the...
free text keywords: polypyrrole, modification by immersion in AgNO3, AES and XPS techniques, electro oxidation of formaldehyde, electrooxidation of formaldehyde, Chemistry, QD1-999, General Chemistry
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26 references, page 1 of 2
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