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Thermal Stability of Magnetic Compass Sensor for High Accuracy Positioning Applications

Duc-Tan Tran;
  • Published: 01 Dec 2015
Using magnetic compass sensors in angle measurements have a wide area of application such as positioning, robot, landslide, etc. However, one of the most phenomenal that affects to the accuracy of the magnetic compass sensor is the temperature. This paper presents two thermal stability schemes for improving performance of a magnetic compass sensor. The first scheme uses the feedforward structure to adjust the angle output of the compass sensor adapt to the variation of the temperature. The second scheme increases both the temperature working range and steady error performance of the sensor. In this scheme, we try to keep the temperature of the sensor is stable a...
free text keywords: Temperature, Stability, Feedback, Feedforward, Compass Sensor., Technology (General), T1-995
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publication . Article . 2015

Thermal Stability of Magnetic Compass Sensor for High Accuracy Positioning Applications

Duc-Tan Tran;