Immobilized Lipases on Functionalized Silica Particles as Potential Biocatalysts for the Synthesis of Fructose Oleate in an Organic Solvent/Water System

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Vinicius Vescovi; Raquel L. C. Giordano; Adriano A. Mendes; Paulo W. Tardioli;
  • Publisher: MDPI
  • Journal: Molecules : A Journal of Synthetic Chemistry and Natural Product Chemistry,volume 22,issue 2 (issn: 1420-3049, eissn: 1420-3049)
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3390/molecules22020212, pmc: PMC6155854
  • Subject:   fructose  oleate  synthesis | immobilization | fructose oleate synthesis |  organic solvent/water system | QD241-441 | functionalized silica particles | microbial lipases | Article | Organic chemistry | microbial  lipases |   functionalized  silica  particles |   immobilization | organic solvent/water system

Lipases from Thermomyces lanuginosus (TLL) and Pseudomonas fluorescens (PFL) were immobilized on functionalized silica particles aiming their use in the synthesis of fructose oleate in a tert-butyl alcohol/water system. Silica particles were chemically modified with oct... View more
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