The MIntAct project—IntAct as a common curation platform for 11 molecular interaction databases

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Orchard, S.; Ammari, M.; Aranda, B.; Breuza, L.; Briganti, L.; Broackes-Carter, F.; Campbell, N. H.; Chavali, G.; Chen, C.; del-Toro, N.; Duesbury, M.; Dumousseau, M.; Galeota, E.; Hinz, U.; Iannuccelli, M.; Jagannathan, S.; Jimenez, R.; Khadake, J.; Lagreid, A.; Licata, L.; Lovering, R. C.; Meldal, B.; Melidoni, A. N.; Milagros, M.; Peluso, D.; Perfetto, L.; Porras, P.; Raghunath, A.; Ricard-Blum, S.; Roechert, B.; ... view all 35 authors

IntAct (freely available at is an open-source, open data molecular interaction database populated by data either curated from the literature or from direct data depositions. IntAct has developed a sophisticated web-based curation tool, capab... View more
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