Mineralogy, geochemistry and microfacies of late Quaternary periplatform sediments: Carbonate export cycles and secondary processes - Sanganeb Atoll and Abington Reef, Sudan, Central Red Sea

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Emmermann, Peter;
  • Subject: Red Sea, Sanganeb Atoll, Abington Reef , late Quaternary, Holocene, last interglacial, highstand, lowstand, sealevel changes, highstand shedding, sediment export, carbonate production, climate, Indian monsoon, deep water circulation, OMZ, oxygen depletion, periplatform sediment, microfacies, dissolution, preservation, inorganic precipitation, reef, carbonate platform, carbonate mineralogy, aragonite, Mg-calcite, calcite, HMC, LMC, strontium, high-strontium aragonite, stable isotopes, oxygen, carbon, SPECMAP, climate stratigraphy, 14C-AMS ages, U/Th-ages, sedimentation rates, accumulation rates, grainsize, hard layers, carbonate crust, LGM, sapropel, salinities, scleractinian, corals, red algae, pointcounting | Rotes Meer ; Carbonatplattform ; Sedimentation ; Diagenese ; Geochemie ; Sudan | Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences | Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
    • ddc: ddc:550

A set of sediment cores was obtained in the periplatform realm close to Sanganeb Atoll and Abington Reef, about 20 miles offshore the Sudanese coast in the central Red Sea. Microfacies, mineralogy and geochemistry of periplatform sediments were analysed to quantify glac... View more
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