On freak minor octopus, Octopus minor, found out in Imabari Fish Market, Ehime Prefecture

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Higashide, Ryosuke; Sakai, Yoichi; Hashimoto, Hiroaki;
  • Publisher: 広島大学大学院生物圏科学研究科
  • Journal: 生物圏科学 : 広島大学大学院生物圏科学研究科紀要,volume 46,pages15-19 (issn: 1348-1371)
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  • Subject: 奇形 | freak | 瀬戸内海 | blister | 交接腕 | hectocotylized arm | Octopus minor | 水ぶくれ個体 | 480 | the Seto Inland Sea

The three male freak minor octopus, Octopus minor were found out on Fish Market of Imabari Fisheries Cooperative, Ehime Prefecture, Japan. One of them was the octopus landed on May 25, 2006, which had two hectocotilized arms on both of the third right and left, though m... View more
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