A Proposal for Non-Intrusive Namespaces in OCaml

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Couderc , Pierrick ; Canou , Benjamin ; Chambart , Pierre ; Le Fessant , Fabrice (2014)
  • Publisher: HAL CCSD
  • Subject: [ INFO.INFO-PL ] Computer Science [cs]/Programming Languages [cs.PL]

International audience; We present a work-in-progress about adding namespaces to OCaml. Inspired by other lan-guages such as Scala or C++, our aim is to de-sign and formalize a simple and non-intrusive namespace mechanism without complexifying the core language. Namespaces in our ap-proach are a simple way to define libraries while avoiding name clashes. They are also meant to simplify the build process, clarify-ing and reducing (to zero whenever possible) the responsibility of external tools.
  • References (3)

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