Analysis for pressure transient of coalbed methane reservoir based on Laplace transform finite difference method

Article English OPEN
Lei Wang ; Hongjun Yin ; Xiaoshuang Yang ; Chuncheng Yang ; Jing Fu (2015)
  • Publisher: KeAi
  • Journal: Petroleum, volume 1, issue 3, pages 231-236 (issn: 2405-6561)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.petlm.2015.08.002
  • Subject: Coalbed methane | Pressure performance | Fractal medium | TP690-692.5 | Laplace transform finite difference method | Petroleum refining. Petroleum products | Engineering geology. Rock mechanics. Soil mechanics. Underground construction | TA703-712

Based on fractal geometry, fractal medium of coalbed methane mathematical model is established by Langmuir isotherm adsorption formula, Fick's diffusion law, Laplace transform formula, considering the well bore storage effect and skin effect. The Laplace transform finite difference method is used to solve the mathematical model. With Stehfest numerical inversion, the distribution of dimensionless well bore flowing pressure and its derivative was obtained in real space. According to compare with the results from the analytical method, the result from Laplace transform finite difference method turns out to be accurate. The influence factors are analyzed, including fractal dimension, fractal index, skin factor, well bore storage coefficient, energy storage ratio, interporosity flow coefficient and the adsorption factor. The calculating error of Laplace transform difference method is small. Laplace transform difference method has advantages in well-test application since any moment simulation does not rely on other moment results and space grid.
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