Application of photostress method in stress analysis of a rotating disc

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Frankovský, P.; Trebuňa, F.;
  • Publisher: Croatian Metallurgical Society
  • Journal: Metalurgija, volume 53, issue 4 (issn: 0543-5846, eissn: 1334-2576)
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  • Subject: photoelastic material PS-1A; PhotoStressR method; isochromatic fringes; isoclinic lines; rotating disc | photoelastic material PS-1A | PhotoStressR method | isochromatic fringes | isoclinic lines | Mining engineering. Metallurgy | rotating disc | TN1-997

The presented article demonstrates the application of PhotoStressR method in stress analysis of a rotating disc of a constant thickness, which was made of a photoelastic material PS-1A. Isoclinic fringes were observed on the rotating disc using linear polarized light at... View more
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