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Mahira Batool; Zaman Ashraf; Michael Bolte; Aamer Saeed;
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  • Published: 29 May 2009 Journal: Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, volume 65, issue Pt 6, pages o1417-o1417 (eissn: 1600-5368, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
The molecule of the title compound, C H ClN O , is close to being planar (rms deviation = 0.032 Å for all non-H atoms), with a maximum deviation of −0.107 (3) Å for an O atom. In the crystal structure, intermolecular N—H...O and N—H...N interactions link the molecules into a three-dimensional network.
arXiv: Physics::Chemical Physics
free text keywords: Organic Papers, Chemistry, QD1-999, Maximum deviation, Data mining, computer.software_genre, computer, Nitro, Crystal structure, Crystallography, Aniline, chemistry.chemical_compound, Atom, Planar
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