Environmental problems and economic development in an endogenous fertility model

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Frank Joest; Martin Quaas; Johannes Schiller;
  • Publisher: Heidelberg: University of Heidelberg, Department of Economics
  • Subject: endogenous fertility | Familienökonomik | sustainability | Wachstumstheorie | Bevölkerungsökonomik | sustainability, endogenous fertility, externalities | J18 | O13 | Umweltpolitik | externalities | Q25 | Umweltbelastung | Umweltökonomik | Neoklassisches Wachstumsmodell | Theorie
    • jel: jel:Q25 | jel:J18 | jel:O13
      ddc: ddc:330

Population growth is often viewed as a most oppressive global problem with respect to environmental deterioration, but the relationships between population development, economic dynamics and environmental pollution are complex due to various feedback mechanisms. We anal... View more
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