Market integration and market structure in the European soft drinks industry: always Coca-Cola?

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Matraves, Catherine;
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  • Subject: EEA | EWR | theory application | Wirtschaft | enterprise | Strategie | empirical | competition | Mineralwasser; alkoholfreies Getränk; Getränkeindustrie | commerce | Wettbewerb | Struktur | Economic Sectors | Handel | Theorieanwendung | multinational corporations | Wirtschaftssektoren | Global Player | Volkswirtschaftslehre | Unternehmen | Political Economy | Markt | structure | EU | market | Economics | multinationales Unternehmen | Integration | strategy | empirisch
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This paper focuses on the question of European integration, considering whether the geographic level at which competition takes place differs across the two major segments of the soft drinks industry: carbonated soft drinks and mineral water. Our evidence shows firms ar... View more
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