Life Expectancy and Economic Growth: The Role of The Demographic Transition

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Cervellati M.; Sunde U.;
  • Publisher: Bonn: Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
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  • Subject: Wirtschaftswachstum | Bevölkerungsökonomie | E10 | J10 | N30 | Demographischer Übergang | heterogeneous treatment effects | J13 | O10 | IV ESTIMATES | NON-LINEAR DYNAMICS | Welt | UNIFIED GROWTH THEORIES | demographic transition | DEMOGRAPHIC TRANSITION AND POPULATION GROWTH | O40 | Life expectancy | epidemiological revolution | life expectancy, demographic transition, epidemiological revolution, heterogeneous treatment effects | Demographic Transition; Epidemiological Revolution; Heterogeneous Treatment Effects; Life Expectancy | Theorie | LIFE EXPECTANCY AND INCOME GROWTH | Sterblichkeit
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    mesheuropmc: digestive, oral, and skin physiology

In this paper we investigate the causal effect of life expectancy on economic growth by explicitly accounting for the role of the demographic transition. In addition to focusing on issues of empirical identification, this paper emphasizes the role of the econometric spe... View more
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