Photosynthesis-irradiance parameters of marine phytoplankton: Synthesis of a global data set

Article, Other literature type English OPEN
Bouman, Heather A; Platt, Trevor; Doblin, Martina; Figueiras, Francisco G.; Gudmundsson, Kristinn; Gudfinnsson, Hafsteinn G.; Huang, Bangqin; Hickman, Anna; Hiscock, Michael; Jackson, Thomas; Lutz, Vivian A.; Mélin, Frédéric; Rey, Francisco; Pepin, Pierre; Segura, Valeria; Tilstone, Gavin H.; Van Dongen-Vogels, Virginie; Sathyendranath, Shubha;

<p>The photosynthetic performance of marine phytoplankton varies in response to a&nbsp;variety of factors, environmental and taxonomic. One of the aims of the MArine primary Production: model Parameters from Space (MAPPS) project of the European Space Agency is to assem... View more
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