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Crustal structure of the Gulf of Aden southern margin: Evidence from receiver functions on Socotra Island (Yemen)

Mathias Obrebski; Derek Keir; Graham Stuart; Abdulhakim Ahmed; Abdulhakim Ahmed; Sylvie Leroy; Sylvie Leroy; Frédérique Rolandone; Frédérique Rolandone; Khaled Khanbari; ...
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  • Published: 01 Dec 2014
International audience; Breakup of continents in magma-poor setting occurs primarily by faulting and plate thinning. Spatial and temporal variations in these processes can be influenced by the pre-rift basement structure as well as by early syn-rift segmentation of the rift. In order to better understand crustal deformation and influence of pre-rift architecture on breakup we use receiver functions from teleseismic recordings from Socotra which is part of the subaerial Oligo-Miocene age southern margin of the Gulf of Aden. We determine variations in crustal thickness and elastic properties, from which we interpret the degree of extension related thinning and cru...
free text keywords: Crustal deformation; Gulf of Aden; Magma-poor margin; Margin segmentation; Necking zone; Receiver function; Earth-Surface Processes; Geophysics, [SDU.STU]Sciences of the Universe [physics]/Earth Sciences, Magma-poor margin, Crustal deformation, Margin segmentation, Necking zone, Gulf of Aden, Receiver function, Earth-Surface Processes, Geophysics, Basement, Crust, Seismology, Subaerial, Mafic, Continental margin, Geology, Rift, Paleontology, Fault (geology), geography.geographical_feature_category, geography
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