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MinC, MinD, and MinE Drive Counter-oscillation of Early-Cell-Division Proteins Prior to Escherichia coli Septum Formation

Paola Bisicchia; Senthil Arumugam; Petra Schwille; David Sherratt;
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  • Published: 10 Dec 2013 Journal: mBio, volume 4, issue 6 (eissn: 2150-7511, Copyright policy)
  • Publisher: American Society of Microbiology
ABSTRACT Bacterial cell division initiates with the formation of a ring-like structure at the cell center composed of the tubulin homolog FtsZ (the Z-ring), which acts as a scaffold for the assembly of the cell division complex, the divisome. Previous studies have suggested that the divisome is initially composed of FtsZ polymers stabilized by membrane anchors FtsA and ZipA, which then recruit the remaining division proteins. The MinCDE proteins prevent the formation of the Z-ring at poles by oscillating from pole to pole, thereby ensuring that the concentration of the Z-ring inhibitor, MinC, is lowest at the cell center. We show that prior to septum formation, ...
Medical Subject Headings: macromolecular substancesbacteriabiological phenomena, cell phenomena, and immunityphysiological processes
free text keywords: Research Article, Biochemistry, FtsA, Chromosome segregation, MINC, computer.programming_language, computer, FtsZ, biology.protein, biology, Tubulin, Inner membrane, Genetics, Lipid bilayer, Biophysics, Cell division
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RCUK| Synthetic Biology of Bacterial Cell Division
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  • Project Code: BB/I004785/1
  • Funding stream: BBSRC
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52 references, page 1 of 4
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