Polymorphic DNA microsatellite markers for forensic individual identification and parentage analyses of seven threatened species of parrots (family Psittacidae).

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Jan, Catherine; Fumagalli, Luca;
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  • Journal: volume 4issn: 2167-8359, eissn: 2167-8359
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.7717/peerj.2416, pmc: PMC5036085
  • Subject: Genetic diversity | Lear’s macaw | STR markers | Biodiversity | Medicine | Evolutionary Studies | Red-fronted macaw | Microsatellites | Conservation | Red-tailed amazon | R | Genetics | Yellow-headed amazon | Blue-headed macaw | Red-spectacled amazon | Red-browed amazon | Conservation Biology

The parrot family represents one of the bird group with the largest number of endangered species, as a result of habitat destruction and illegal trade. This illicit traffic involves the smuggling of eggs and animals, and the laundering through captive breeding facilitie... View more
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