Leap Motion controller application in augmented reality technology

Article Lithuanian OPEN
Artemčiukas, Edgaras ; Sakalauskas, Leonidas (2014)
  • Journal: (issn: 1822-4652)
  • Subject: Leap Motion controller ; augmented reality ; interaction techniques

In this work the analysis of interaction techniques, devices and its’ possibilities were accomplished. It was determined that the problem, which many researchers tries to solve – more natural interaction between users and computers. Interaction system in augmented reality environment using Leap Motion controller was developed. To achieve this goal augmented reality NyARToolkit and Leap Motion controller libraries were used. Solution ensures extensive information about hand, fingers or finger-like tools orientation, direction, position, velocity, acceleration etc. that no other methods or devices on the market can provide. Solution also provides user interaction in augmented reality environment improved and more intuitive, that lets manipulate with virtual content as simple as possible.
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