Complex interplay between epitope specificity and isotype dictates the biological activity of anti-human CD40 antibodies

Article English OPEN
Yu, X.; Chan, H.T.C.; Orr, C.M.; Dadas, O.; Booth, S.G.; Dahal, L.N.; Penfold, C.A.; O'Brien, L.; Mockridge, C.I.; French, R.R.; Duriez, P.; Douglas, L.R.; Pearson, A.R.; Cragg, M.S.; Tews, I.; Glennie, M.J.; White, A.L.;

<p>Anti-CD40 monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) that promote or inhibit receptor function hold promise as therapeutics for cancer and autoimmunity. Rules governing their diverse range of functions, however, are lacking. Here we determined characteristics of nine hCD40 mAbs en... View more
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