Cutaneous Carcinosarcoma with Metastasis to the Parotid Gland

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Loh, Tze Ling ; Tomlinson, Jeanne ; Chin, Ronald ; Eslick, Guy D. (2014)
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  • Journal: Case Reports in Otolaryngology, volume 2,014 (issn: 2090-6765, eissn: 2090-6773)
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  • Subject: RF1-547 | Case Report | Article Subject | Otorhinolaryngology
    mesheuropmc: integumentary system

Cutaneous carcinosarcoma is a rare malignancy that exhibits both mesenchymal and epithelial components. It is similar to nonmelanoma skin cancers in terms of risk and prognostic factors. However, these malignancies are known to have a propensity for local recurrence and metastasis, even with adequate resection margins. Here we report a case of metastatic cutaneous carcinosarcoma to the parotid gland and review the relevant literature.
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