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Search for new phenomena in events containing a same-flavour opposite-sign dilepton pair, jets, and large missing transverse momentum in s=13 Â TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector

Aaboud, M.; Aad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abdallah, J.; Abdinov, O.; Abeloos, B.; AbouZeid, O.; Abraham, N.; Abramowicz, H.; Abreu, H.; ...
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  • Published: 04 Mar 2017
  • Publisher: Springer Berlin/Heidelberg
Two searches for new phenomena in final states containing a same-flavour opposite-sign lepton (electron or muon) pair, jets, and large missing transverse momentum are presented. These searches make use of proton–proton collision data, collected during 2015 and 2016 at a centre-of-mass energy √s=13 TeV by the ATLAS detector at the large hadron collider, which correspond to an integrated luminosity of 14.7 fb−1. Both searches target the pair production of supersymmetric particles, squarks or gluinos, which decay to final states containing a same-flavour opposite-sign lepton pair via one of two mechanisms: a leptonically decaying Z boson in the final state, leading...
arXiv: High Energy Physics::ExperimentHigh Energy Physics::Phenomenology
free text keywords: Ciencias Exactas, Física, Partículas Elementales, ATLAS detector, High Energy Physics - Experiment, ATLAS, детектор, Большой адронный коллайдер, дилептонные пары, p p: colliding beams; new physics: search for; transverse momentum: missing-energy; Z0: mass; sparticle: pair production; neutralino: decay; p p: scattering; gluino: pair production; squark: pair production; Z0: leptonic decay; mass spectrum: (lepton+ lepton-); ATLAS; CERN LHC Coll; sensitivity; kinematics; gluon: mass: lower limit; squark: mass: lower limit; final state: ((n)jet dilepton); channel cross section: upper limit; experimental results; 13000 GeV-cms, Settore FIS/01 - Fisica Sperimentale, Settore FIS/04 - Fisica Nucleare e Subnucleare, Settore ING-INF/07 - Misure Elettriche e Elettroniche, Subatomic Physics, Subatomär fysik, :Matematikk og naturvitenskap: 400::Fysikk: 430::Kjerne- og elementærpartikkelfysikk: 431 [VDP], :Mathematics and natural scienses: 400::Physics: 430::Nuclear and elementary particle physics: 431 [VDP], :Ciências Físicas [Ciências Naturais], Science & Technology, Ciências Naturais::Ciências Físicas, [PHYS.HEXP]Physics [physics]/High Energy Physics - Experiment [hep-ex], Physik, Engineering (miscellaneous); Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous), QC, colliding beams [p p], search for [new physics], missing-energy [transverse momentum], mass [Z0], pair production [sparticle], decay [neutralino], scattering [p p], pair production [gluino], pair production [squark], leptonic decay [Z0], (lepton+ lepton-) [mass spectrum], ATLAS, CERN LHC Coll, sensitivity, kinematics, mass: lower limit [gluon], mass: lower limit [squark], ((n)jet dilepton) [final state], upper limit [channel cross section], experimental results, 13000 GeV-cms, Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous), Engineering (miscellaneous), Gluino production, hadron colliders, supersymmetry, extension, particle, squark, decay, model, weak, LHC, /dk/atira/pure/researchoutput/pubmedpublicationtype/D016428, Journal Article, Regular Article - Experimental Physics, hep-ex, Particle Physics - Experiment, dilepton pair; jets; pp collisions; ATLAS detector, 530, ddc:500.2, ddc:530, Transverse momentum, Flavour, Particle physics, Physics
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European Particle physics Latin American NETwork
  • Funder: European Commission (EC)
  • Project Code: 246806
  • Funding stream: FP7 | SP3 | PEOPLE
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137 references, page 1 of 10
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