Conductance quantization suppression in the quantum Hall regime

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Caridad, José M. ; Power, Stephen R. ; Lotz, Mikkel R. ; Shylau, Artsem A. ; Thomsen, Joachim D. ; Gammelgaard, Lene ; Booth, Timothy J. ; Jauho, Antti-Pekka ; Bøggild, Peter (2018)

Conductance quantization is the quintessential feature of electronic transport in non-interacting mesoscopic systems. This phenomenon is observed in quasi one-dimensional conductors at zero magnetic field B, and the formation of edge states at finite magnetic fields results in wider conductance plateaus within the quantum Hall regime. Electrostatic interactions can change this picture qualitatively. At finite B, screening mechanisms in narrow, gated ballistic conductors are predicted to give rise to an increase in conductance and a suppression of quantization due to the appearance of additional conduction channels. Despite being a universal effect, this regime has proven experimentally elusive because of difficulties in realizing one-dimensional systems with sufficiently hard-walled, disorder-free confinement. Here, we experimentally demonstrate the suppression of conductance quantization within the quantum Hall regime for graphene nanoconstrictions with low edge roughness. Our findings may have profound impact on fundamental studies of quantum transport in finite-size, two-dimensional crystals with low disorder.
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