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The 10−3 eV frontier in neutrinoless double beta decay

J.T. Penedo; S.T. Petcov;
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  • Published: 01 Nov 2018
  • Country: Italy
The observation of neutrinoless double beta decay would allow to establish lepton number violation and the Majorana nature of neutrinos. The rate of this process in the case of 3-neutrino mixing is controlled by the neutrinoless double beta decay effective Majorana mass $|\langle m \rangle|$. For a neutrino mass spectrum with normal ordering, which is favoured over the spectrum with inverted ordering by recent global fits, $|\langle m \rangle|$ can be significantly suppressed. Taking into account updated data on the neutrino oscillation parameters, we investigate the conditions under which $|\langle m \rangle|$ in the case of spectrum with normal ordering exceed...
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free text keywords: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, QC1-999, Majorana neutrinos; Neutrino physics; Neutrinoless double beta decay; Normal ordering, Settore FIS/02 - Fisica Teorica, Modelli e Metodi Matematici, Flavour, Neutrino oscillation, MAJORANA, Double beta decay, Physics, Particle physics, Lepton number, CP violation, Mass spectrum, Neutrino
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