Foresight in Civil Shipbuilding - 2030

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Yuri Dekhtyaruk; Igor Karyshev; Maria Korableva; Natalia Velikanova; Anastasia Edelkina; Oleg Karasev; Marina Klubova; Anna Bogomolova; Natalia Dyshkant;
  • Publisher: Федеральное государственное автономное образовательное учреждение высшего образования «Национальный исследовательский университет «Высшая школа экономики»
  • Journal: Foresight-Russia,volume 8,issue 2,pages30-45 (issn: 1995-459X)
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  • Subject: shipbuilding; emerging markets; innovative technologies; Foresight; technological forecasting; global challenges; scenarios
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The shipbuilding sector’s multiple contributions to the social and economic development, as well as to science and technology, of major maritime countries mean that the sector attracts strong interest of entrepreneurs, researchers, and government agencies. Meanwhile the... View more
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