Nano-technology and nano-toxicology

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Maynard, Robert L.;
  • Publisher: Emerging Health Threats Journal
  • Journal: Emerging Health Threats Journal,volume 5 (issn: 1752-8550, eissn: 1752-8550)
  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC3365440, doi: 10.3402/ehtj.v5i0.17508
  • Subject: nano-toxicology | nano-particle(s) | Original Research Article | nano-technology | empowerment; evaluation; Policy Empowerment Index; South Africa; traditional medicine

Rapid developments in nano-technology are likely to confer significant benefits on mankind. But, as with perhaps all new technologies, these benefits are likely to be accompanied by risks, perhaps by new risks. Nano-toxicology is developing in parallel with nano-technol... View more
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