Competition Law and the Bounded Rationality of Firms

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Bhattacharya, Shilpi;

Firm rationality plays a role in several aspects of competition law. Yet, the conception of the firm as a rational, profit maximizing entity has been disputed in different disciplines. This literature shows that neoclassical economic assumptions on which competition law... View more
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    7.2 Market Structure 154 7.3 Bounded Rationality and Intent to Eliminate Competition 156 7.4 Recoupment 161 8. THE AMERICAN AIRLINES CASE 165 9. THE AMAZON CASE 170 9.1 Amazon as a strategic competitor 172 9.2 The structure of the retail industry 174 9.3 Bounded Rationality, Competitive Strategy and Anticompetitive Intent 177

    9.4 The Dispute with Hachette: Control Over Ebook Pricing 181 9.5 Amazon's Conduct and the Normative Paradigm of Predation 186 10. CONCLUSION 190

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