Proposal for SPS beam time for the baby MIND and TASD neutrino detector prototypes

Article, Preprint English OPEN
Asfandiyarov, R.; Bayes, R.; Blondel, A.; Bogomilov, M.; Bross, A.; Cadoux, F.; Cervera, A.; Izmaylov, A.; Karadzhov, Y.; Karpikov, I.; Khabibulin, M.; Khotyantsev, A.; Kopylov, A.; Kudenko, Y.; Matev, R.; Mineev, O.; Musienko, Y.; Nessi, M.; Noah, E.; Rubbia, A.; Shaykiev, A.; Soler, P.; Tsenov, R.; Vankova-Kirilova, G.; Yershov, N.;
  • Subject: Detectors and Experimental Techniques | Improvement and equipment of irradiation and test beam lines [8] | Physics - Instrumentation and Detectors | High Energy Physics - Experiment | General infrastructure for test beam and irradiation lines [8.5]
    arxiv: Physics::Instrumentation and Detectors | Physics::Accelerator Physics | High Energy Physics::Experiment

The design, construction and testing of neutrino detector prototypes at CERN are ongoing activities. This document reports on the design of solid state baby MIND and TASD detector prototypes and outlines requirements for a test beam at CERN to test these, tentatively pl... View more
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