A low-cost man-portable free-space optics communication device for ethernet applications

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Alrasheedi, Mohammad H. (2005)
  • Publisher: Monterey California. Naval Postgraduate School
  • Subject: Laser communicator | Physics | Ethernet (Local area network system) | Wireless communication systems | Fiber optic cables | Free-space optics (FSO) | Ethernet communicator | Fast-Ethernet device

Approved for public release, distribution is unlimited This thesis sought to design and implement a low-cost, portable, Free-Space Optics (FSO) communications device for Ethernet applications. Under some circumstances such a device would have utility at a Combat Operations Center (COC), a Field Artillery Position, or wherever else fiber optic cable is used in garrison or field. The design was based on commercial off the shelf components originally designed for fiber optic applications. Based on a 155 megabits per second (Mbps) media converter, the design used two fiber optic transceivers, coupled to collimating lenses to pass data over free-space. Sustained data rate of 100 Mbps was achieved with full network functionality on the optical bench with a low-power (0.5mW) laser diode transmitter without focusing optics on the receiver. The laser diode power(mounted on device), was measured with acceptable losses up to 300 ft during testing using a photodiode with focusing optics. The findings indicate that the system with proper collecting optics could be optimized for free-space communication at short to moderate ranges. Captain, United States Marine Corps
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