Imagerie de plasmons de surface et d’électrons chauds par thermoréflectance pompe-sonde femtoseconde

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Lozan , Olga;
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  • Subject: Nano-focalisation | Absorption | [ PHYS.PHYS.PHYS-PLASM-PH ] Physics [physics]/Physics [physics]/Plasma Physics [physics.plasm-ph] | Nanofocusing | Surface plasmon polaritons | Nanophotonics | Hot electrons | Plasmonics | Electron temperature | Nanophotonique | Électrons chaud | Pompe-sonde femtoseconde | Plasmonique | Femtosecond pump-probe | Plasmon polariton de surface | Température électronique

In this work we explored the ultrafast dynamics of photo-excited hot electrons in plasmonic structures. The particular interest of this field resides on the fact surface plasmons (SP), because of their unrivaled temporal and spatial characteristics, provide a technologi... View more
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