Neural Correlates of Amusia in Williams Syndrome

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Lense, Miriam D.; Dankner, Nathan; Pryweller, Jennifer R.; Thornton-Wells, Tricia A.; Dykens, Elisabeth M.;
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  • Journal: Brain Sciences,volume 4,issue 4,pages594-612 (issn: 2076-3425, eissn: 2076-3425)
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  • Subject: music | pars orbitalis | Neurosciences. Biological psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry | MRI | RC321-571 | DTI | Williams syndrome | superior longitudinal fasciculus | Article | amusia
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Congenital amusia is defined by marked deficits in pitch perception and production. Though historically examined only in otherwise typically developing (TD) populations, amusia has recently been documented in Williams syndrome (WS), a genetic, neurodevelopmental disorde... View more
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