New functionally dioecious bush tomato from northwestern Australia, Solanum ossicruentum, may utilize "trample burr" dispersal

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Martine, Christopher T.; Cantley, Jason T.; Frawley, Emma; Butler, Alice; Jordon-Thaden, Ingrid;
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  • Subject: Bush tomato cryptic dioecy inaperturate pollen Keep River National Park Kimberley Mirima National Park new species Northern Territory Solanum Solanum dioicum Solanum sp. Tanami undergraduate research Western Australia | new species | Plantae | Northern Territory | Research Article | Solanum | Solanum dioicum | Tracheophyta | Magnoliopsida | SolanumPlantae | Keep River National Park | Western Australia | cryptic dioecy | Mirima National Park | Solanales | Solanaceae | undergraduate research | inaperturate pollen | Solanum sp. Tanami | Bush tomato | Kimberley

Abstract A new Australian species of functionally dioecious bush tomato of Solanum subgenus Leptostemonum is described. Solanum ossicruentum Martine & J.Cantley, sp. nov., is thought to be allied with members of the problematic “Dioicum Complex” lineage, but differs in ... View more
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