Low-Gain, Low-Noise Integrated Neuronal Amplifier for Implantable Artifact-Reduction Recording System

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Zbrzeski, Adeline; Lewis, Noëlle; Rummens, Francois; Jung, Ranu; N'Kaoua, Gilles; Benazzouz, Abdelhamid; Renaud, S.;
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  • Journal: Journal of Low Power Electronics and Applications (issn: 2079-9268)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.3390/jlpea3030279
  • Subject: neuromodulation | neuralrecording | [SPI.TRON]Engineering Sciences [physics]/Electronics | TK4001-4102 | macro-electrode | [SPI]Engineering Sciences [physics] | Applications of electric power | front-end | low-noise amplifier

International audience; Brain neuroprostheses for neuromodulation are being designed to monitor the neural activity of the brain in the vicinity of the region being stimulated using a single macro-electrode. Using a single macro-electrode, recent neuromodulation studies... View more
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