Performance-related pay and gender wage differences

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Kangasniemi, Mari; Kauhanen, Antti;
  • Publisher: Helsinki: The Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)
  • Subject: performance-related pay | gender wage differences | panel data | J33 | M52 | J16 | person and firm effects | gender wage differences, performance-related pay, person and firm effects, panel data | Fraueneinkommen | Leistungsentgelt | Finnland | Lohndifferenzierung
    • ddc: ddc:330
      jel: jel:J33 | jel:M52 | jel:J16
    mesheuropmc: health care economics and organizations

We study the impact of performance-related pay (PRP) on gender wage differences using Finnish linked employer-employee panel data. Controlling for unobserved person and firm effects, we find that bonuses increase women's earnings slightly less than men's, but the econom... View more
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