Force Sensitive Handles and Capacitive Touch Sensor for Driving a Flexible Haptic-Based Immersive System

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Covarrubias, Mario; Bordegoni, Monica; Cugini, Umberto;
  • Publisher: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
  • Journal: Sensors,volume 13,issue 10,pages13,487-13,508 (issn: 1424-8220, eissn: 1424-8220)
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  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC3859074, doi: 10.3390/s131013487
  • Subject: tactile data processing | flexible sensor | TP1-1185 | Chemical technology | Article | conformable sensor | haptic interface | haptic strip
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In this article, we present an approach that uses both two force sensitive handles (FSH) and a flexible capacitive touch sensor (FCTS) to drive a haptic-based immersive system. The immersive system has been developed as part of a multimodal interface for product design.... View more
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