Evaluation of the Antioxidant Activity of Cell Extracts from Microalgae

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F. Xavier Malcata; Pedro Moradas-Ferreira; Paula Tamagnini; A. C. Silva Ferreira; Maria S. Gião; Rui Seabra; A. Catarina Guedes;
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  • Journal: Marine Drugs, volume 11, issue 4, pages 1,256-1,270 (issn: 1660-3397, eissn: 1660-3397)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.3390/md11041256, pmc: PMC3705402
  • Subject: Medicina básica | Basic medicine | Ames test | phage P22/Salmonella | ABTS<sup>•+</sup> | 16S rDNA | ABTS•+ | Article | QH301-705.5 | phage P22/<i>Salmonella</i> | :Medicina básica [Ciências médicas e da saúde] | :Basic medicine [Medical and Health sciences] | DNA | deoxyribose | Biology (General)

A growing market for novel antioxidants obtained from non-expensive sources justifies educated screening of microalgae for their potential antioxidant features. Characterization of the antioxidant profile of 18 species of cyanobacteria (prokaryotic microalgae) and 23 sp... View more
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