Unemployment of Non-western Immigrants in the Great Recession

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Cervený, J.; van Ours, J.C.;
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  • Subject: Great Recession; non-western immigrants; unemployment | Great Recession;unemployment;non-western immigrants | non-western immigrants, unemployment, Great Recession | J64 | J15 - Economics of Minorities, Races, Indigenous Peoples, and Immigrants ; Non-labor Discrimination | J15 | J64 - Unemployment: Models, Duration, Incidence, and Job Search | Great Recession | unemployment | Great Recession; unemployment; non-western immigrants | non-western immigrants
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Abstract: This paper examines whether unemployment of non-western immigrant workers in the Netherlands was disproportionally affected by the Great Recession. We analyze unemployment data covering the period November 2007 to February 2013 finding that the Great Recession... View more
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