The social contingency of momentary subjective well-being

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Rutledge, Robb B.; de Berker, Archy O.; Espenhahn, Svenja; Dayan, Peter; Dolan, Raymond J.;

Although social comparison is a known determinant of overall life satisfaction, it is not clear how it affects moment-to-moment variation in subjective emotional state. Using a novel social decision task combined with computational modelling, we show that a participant'... View more
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    We thank Molly Crockett, Mona Garvert, Laurence Hunt, Quentin Huys, Zeb Kurth-Nelson and Stephanie Lazzaro for helpful comments. This work was supported by the Max Planck Society. R.J.D. is supported by the Wellcome Trust (grant number 078865/Z/05/Z). The Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging is supported by core funding from the Wellcome Trust (091593/Z/10/Z).

    How to cite this article: Rutledge, R. B. et al. The social contingency of momentary subjective well-being. Nat. Commun. 7:11825 doi: 10.1038/ncomms11825 (2016).

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