How Working Time Reduction Affects Employment and Earnings

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Santos Raposo, P.M. ; van Ours, J.C. (2008)
  • Publisher: Econometrics
  • Subject: employment dynamics | Arbeitszeitflexibilisierung | Workweek reduction;policy reform;employment dynamics;earnings | Lohnniveau | Portugal | J22 | policy reform | Workweek reduction | earnings | workweek reduction, policy reform, employment dynamics, earnings | Workweek reduction; policy reform; employment dynamics; earnings | Beschäftigungseffekt
    • jel: jel:J81 | jel:J31 | jel:J63 | jel:J22
      ddc: ddc:330
    mesheuropmc: health care economics and organizations

December 1, 1996 Portugal introduced a new law on working hours which gradually reduced the standard workweek from 44 hours to 40 hours. We study how this mandatory working hours reduction affected employment and earnings of workers involved. We find for workers who wer... View more
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