Modelling Wind for Wind Farm Layout Optimization Using Joint Distribution of Wind Speed and Wind Direction

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Ju Feng ; Wen Zhong Shen (2015)
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  • Journal: Energies, volume 8, issue 4 4, pages 1-18 (issn: 1996-1073)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.3390/en8043075
  • Subject: SEARCH ALGORITHM | joint distribution | ENERGY ANALYSIS | DESIGN | ENERGY | TURBINES | wind modelling | wind speed | wind direction | Technology | layout optimization | T | layout optimization; wind modelling; wind speed; wind direction; joint distribution; sector-wise Weibull distribution | sector-wise Weibull distribution | PLACEMENT
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Reliable wind modelling is of crucial importance for wind farm development. The common practice of using sector-wise Weibull distributions has been found inappropriate for wind farm layout optimization. In this study, we propose a simple and easily implementable method to construct joint distributions of wind speed and wind direction, which is based on the parameters of sector-wise Weibull distributions and interpolations between direction sectors. It is applied to the wind measurement data at Horns Rev and three different joint distributions are obtained, which all fit the measurement data quite well in terms of the coefficient of determination . Then, the best of these joint distributions is used in the layout optimization of the Horns Rev 1 wind farm and the choice of bin sizes for wind speed and wind direction is also investigated. It is found that the choice of bin size for wind direction is especially critical for layout optimization and the recommended choice of bin sizes for wind speed and wind direction is finally presented.
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