Workforce diversity, productivity and wages in France: the role of managers vs. the proprietary structure of the firm

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Andrea Garnero;
  • Subject: labour diversity; productivity; wages; management; firm ownership | D24 | Human Capital; Skills; Occupational Choice; Labor Productivity | J31 | Wage Level and Structure; Wage Differentials | firm ownership | J24 | Personnel Management; executive compensation | M12 | Production; Cost; Capital and Total Factor Productivity; Capacity | wages | productivity | management | Economie | labour diversity
    • jel: jel:J31 | jel:D24 | jel:J24 | jel:M12
    mesheuropmc: human activities | health care economics and organizations

This paper estimates the impact of workforce diversity on productivity, wages, and productivity–wage gaps in a sample of French firms using data from a comprehensive establishment-level survey (REPONSE) for 2011 matched with companies’ balance sheet data. Controlling fo... View more
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