History of Computer Science as an Instrument of Enlightenment

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Fet , Yakov;
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  • Subject: Leonid Kantorovich | education | enlightenment | John von Neumann | cultural heritage | Aleksander Aleksandrov | Rome Club | history of computing | Andrey Ershov | [ INFO ] Computer Science [cs] | global problems | Donald Knuth | Aleksey Lyapunov | human qualities | Aurelio Peccei | Norbert Wiener

Part 6: Putting the History of Computing into Different Contexts; International audience; This report focuses on the dangerous problems that are currently facing the society – the negative phenomena in development of education and science. The most important way to solv... View more
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    It is appropriate to say here about investigations on the History of Computing which are conducted in Russia. In particular, for a number of years, our Institute carries out corresponding research. We are publishing a series of scientific-biographical books about Russian and foreign Computer Pioneers. Presenting in these books the life and the work of our heroes, we pay special attention to their personal qualities. An example of the book titles is: “Essays on the History of Computer Science in Russia”, “Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich: a Man and a Scientist”, Aleksey Andreevich Lyapunov. 100th Anniversary of the Birth” As of today, we have published 11 books, with the total volume above 5000 pages. Naturally, our books are printed in Russian. However, an English translation of the Summary, Foreword and Contents is included in each volume. We hope that reading of these reference materials is sufficient to get an idea of the corresponding Russian book. In addition, we are printing each year a booklet «Book Series “History of Computing”» (in English), which contains the brief details of all previously published books. Probably, it would be useful to select definite parts of the mentioned books and publish them in English.

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