Weighing trees with lasers: advances, challenges and opportunities

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Disney, M. I.; Boni Vicari, M.; Burt, A.; Calders, K.; Lewis, S. L.; Raumonen, P.; Wilkes, P.;
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  • Journal: Interface Focus, volume 8, issue 2 (issn: 2042-8898, eissn: 2042-8901)
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  • Subject: 69 | Research Article | 19 | structure | terrestrial laser scanning | buttress | canopy | 1004 | above-ground biomass | lidar | Articles | 20 | Science & Technology, Life Sciences & Biomedicine, Biology, Life Sciences & Biomedicine - Other Topics, above-ground biomass, terrestrial laser scanning, lidar, canopy, structure, buttress, FOREST BIOMASS ESTIMATION, ALLOMETRIC SCALING LAWS, TROPICAL FORESTS, WOOD DENSITY, ABOVEGROUND BIOMASS, TERRESTRIAL LIDAR, CARBON STOCKS, ERROR PROPAGATION, TEMPERATE FORESTS, CANOPY STRUCTURE

Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) is providing exciting new ways to quantify tree and forest structure, particularly above-ground biomass (AGB). We show how TLS can address some of the key uncertainties and limitations of current approaches to estimating AGB based on emp... View more
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