Do Local Elites Capture Natural Disaster Reconstruction Funds?

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Yoshito Takasaki;

This paper examines the allocation of natural disaster reconstruction funds among cyclone victims in rural Fiji. During post-emergency periods, when good information about cyclone damage is available, do local elites, a powerful minority, capture housing construction ma... View more
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    19 The only exception is that households with more children (in proportion) tend to receive larger amounts of construction materials in 2003-2004 and 2003-2005. Because household size, as well as other demographic factors, is separately controlled for, this result suggests that the allocations favor children.

    20 Non-clan leaders' clans, not non-clan leaders themselves, capture emergency food aid provisioned to their groups (Takasaki, forthcoming). Because construction materials were not provisioned to village organizations, non-clan leaders could not use the traditional kin structure for capturing, as they did for food aid.

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