Not Another GMO - Explaining Europe’s Approach to Nanotechnologies

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Nico Jaspers;
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  • Subject: Technikfolgenabschätzung | risk assessment | Risikomanagement | European Politics | Technologiepolitik | Special areas of Departmental Policy | Gentechnologie | spezielle Ressortpolitik | Nanotechnologie | nanotechnology | Risikoabschätzung | Ordnungspolitik | policy on technology | risk management | Technik, Technologie | Europapolitik | genetic engineering | new technologies; NGOs; regulations | Political science | EU | Technology (Applied sciences) | Technology Assessment | regulatory policy | Politikwissenschaft | governance | 10500

Despite early warnings about “knowledge-enabled mass destruction” and the ongoing battle over agricultural biotechnology, the development of nanotechnology in Europe has been remarkably quiet over the past decade: non-governmental organization (NGO) campaigns against “n... View more
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