From a supply gap to a demand gap? The risk and consequences of over-indebting the underbanked

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Schicks, Jessica (2011)
  • Subject: Microfinance | Over-Indebtedness | Supply Gap | Customer Protection | G21 | Microcredit | Economywide Country Studies: General | O50 | Economic Development: Financial Markets; Saving and Capital Investment; Corporate Finance and Governance | Microfinance; Microcredit; Supply Gap; Demand Gap; Over-Indebtedness; Customer Protection | Banks; Other Depository Institutions; Micro Finance Institutions; Mortgages | Demand Gap | O16 | Economie
    • jel: jel:G21 | jel:O16 | jel:O50

In the past, the microfinance industry focused mainly on growth and outreach. Addressing financial exclusion implied a huge supply gap. Recent over-indebtedness crises in several countries have shown that this gap can turn into over-supply. The industry urgently require... View more
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