CowLog – Cross-Platform Application for Coding Behaviours from Video

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Pastell, Matti;
  • Publisher: Ubiquity Press
  • Journal: Journal of Open Research Software (issn: 2049-9647, eissn: 2049-9647)
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  • Identifiers: doi: 10.5334/jors.113
  • Subject: Ethology, Precision Livestock Farming, Experimenta psychology | Behavioural coding | Computer software | video coding | Behavioural coding; video coding; Electron Framework | Electron Framework | QA76.75-76.765

CowLog is a cross-platform application to code behaviours from video recordings for use in behavioural research. The software has been used in several studies e.g. to study sleep in dairy calves, emotions in goats and the mind wandering related to computer use during le... View more
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