Brand management of selected brand

Master thesis Czech RESTRICTED
Honzíková, Dana (2010)
  • Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
  • Subject: brand management; brand; rychloobrátkové zboží; značka; fast moving consumer goods; řízení značky | brand management; brand equity; hodnota značky; potravinářské výrobky; řízení značky; food products

This thesis addresses the subject of brand management. My main objective was to summarize the issue of brand management and apply the acquired knowledge on the selected brand of food products on the Czech market, i.e. to assess its current management and the current situation and where appropriate, propose recommendations for the future. I use the case study method, the method of survey and analysis of primary and secondary data. The theoretical part deals with the concept of brand, its features and basic identifiers. Furthermore, I analyze the theme of brand management and brand value (equity) and focus on individual steps of brand management scheme by S. M. Davis. The practical part describes the market, the manufacturer of the brand and the brand itself. Elaborated is also a questionnaire survey conducted under the thesis. The final part is devoted to summary and analysis of the current situation of brand management and design of possible improvement in the future. The results of this thesis could be used as incentive for brand management of the brand, or for inspiration for the management of other food brands.
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