Self-perceptions of basic skills for career development and competence in undergraduate students

Research, Article Japanese OPEN
前田, 健一 ; 新見, 直子 (2005)
  • Publisher: 国立情報学研究所
  • Journal: 広島大学大学院教育学研究科紀要. 第三部, 教育人間科学関連領域, issue 53, pages 211-215 (issn: 1346-5562)
  • Subject: コンピテンス | self-esteem | competence | キャリア発達の基礎スキル | 自尊感情 | basic skills for career development | 140

This study was designed to investigate the relationships among basic skills for career development, competence, and self-esteem in undergraduate students. Ninety-three students (41 male, 52 female) participated in this study. Results indicated that high self-esteem stud... View more
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