Modern Day Slavery: What Drives Human Trafficking in Europe?

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Diego Hernandez; Alexandra Rudolph;
  • Publisher: Göttingen: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Courant Research Centre - Poverty, Equity and Growth (CRC-PEG)
  • Subject: International Organized Crime | J61 | F22 | Gravity Model | K42 | Illegal Migration | Human Trafficking | K14 | Human Trafficking; Gravity Model; Illegal Migration; International Organized Crime | O17
    • jel: jel:F22 | jel:J61 | jel:O17 | jel:K42 | jel:K14
      ddc: ddc:330

At a time of increased attention on the international agenda for human trafficking, this paper examines the determinants of human trafficking inflows to 13 European countries based on official records. By employing a fixed effects zero-inflated, negative binomial gravit... View more
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